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Our company was established in 2006. It locates in Chongfu Town, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 5,000㎡ and possesses 11 electroplating belt-lines. We here is only 40kms away from Hangzhou, taking 40mins to drive to Xiaoshan International Airport. And it only takes 20mins to go to Shanghai as the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed rails was built up.....

Address: Zhejiang province Tongxiang City Penghui Avenue Chongfu Town Industrial Park District No. 7, 399
Contact: Xu Hongliang
Cell phone: 15958308132
Fax: 0573-88222909

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site_name:Tongxiang Yongcheng Cable Co. Ltd.?Technical support: Zhejiang rock
phone:15958308132 contact_attr1: contacter:Manager Xu address:Penghui Avenue in Zhejiang city of Tongxiang province Chongfu Town Industrial Park District No. 7, 399